Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Android must-have list

I'm using a phone on virgin mobile. There are a few apps I'd suggest people try on android.

  • Gaia (for offline maps)
  • Backcountry navigator (another offline map app)
  • Amazon appstore
  • Quick Settings (just in case this reveals some settings)
  • Kindle reader
  • Runkeeper (there are others but this is what I'm using)
  • Google Earth (IF your phone can run it)
  • Firefox (for webgl etc, again, if your phone can run it)
  • Barcode scanner (to read the 2d barcodes you see)
  • Facebook
If you have some suggestions, post a comment.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

* ADW Launcher - It's just more flexible and free.
* Lock Screen Widget - take some stress off your power button (this hits home because i'm getting a replacement Nexus One due to failed power button)
* Amazon MP3 - if you like DRM free music
* Angry Birds - everyone smartphone owner should at least try it
* anMoney - if you need something to track finances. i have 10+years of transaction data.
* Adobe Flash - I don't use it that much, but its nice to know its there if needed on a particular site.
* Google Authenitcator - Google's two-step verification
* Google Books - very similar to Kindle reader, but seeing original page scans is cool
* Netflix - if you have kids (and don't have content stored locally) it can be great to occupy their attention waiting at the pharmacy, etc.
* Wordfeud - great for taking on coworkers at scrabble