Saturday, January 10, 2009

CES report: ASUS T91 and D200

There was a lot of glitz at CES this year. More than one booth had dazzling white light streaming down from overhead, apparently to invoke awe. The one booth I felt had something worth bathing in this kind of highlight was run by ASUS. (Thankfully they just had normal lighting :)

First, the T91 is the touchscreen convertible laptop, revamped from their 9" laptop. The staff was quick to mention this was a prototype and might not be exactly the same in a shipping version, due around March.

The T91 is on the left and my p1510d, for comparison, is on the right. They are similar but the T91 is thinner.

  • the "bump" under the previous eee models is gone! The T91 is a sleek, symmetrical slab
  • it was suggested the machine will run about $500
  • the windows version should have 16GB internal ssd, no word on Linux model
  • will include a GPS and TV tuner (!)
  • apparently the antenna connector on the right side is for TV signals
  • model on display had an integrated web cam
  • stereo microphones, one on each side of the camera
  • SD slot in front
  • VGA output in back
  • apparent SD slot on left, covered by a door marked "disk-expander"
I'm excited to get one of these to try it out! It should be a great use of the Atom CPU.

The other interesting model is the D200. This is apparently meant to be like a media player machine, but it also includes a wifi access point, two slots for drives, and a 4-port switch. Very interesting stuff.