Monday, September 8, 2008


My favorite usergroup around here has to be the Utah Ruby User Group. The topics are often related to rails, but there's usually some good topic that wanders beyond rails.

Surgeworks sponsors the group and gives out technical books at our meetings. I got the pragmatic bookshelf erlang book. It's quite fascinating. It was fun to see footnotes comparing erlang with prolog and ruby. I like learning about computer languages and it was great fun sitting down with this book.

erlang "objects" if you can call them that are sort of artifacts of the language rather than explicit constructs. It reminds me of the way one of my college instructors "discovered" objects with us in a scheme lecture.

I carefully read the first part of the book and skimmed the rest. The second part of the book has a good level of detail that requires you to be in a project to make best use of it. Hopefully some day I will :)

Finally, erlang has the absolute best name for its included db, "Mnesia".

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