Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dead spider

Nextlink's Spider bluetooth headset is infamous for its failure rate. It's a great headset with a class 1 radio and decent features, but it seems many of them were fitted with lipoly cells that can't hold their charge well. When a lipoly cell runs down below 3.0v, the battery can be permanently damaged so it's a significant problem.

I kept my set plugged in whenever I wasn't using it, but last night it finally went south when the plug came out of the power socket and allowed the battery to drain. After that, the LED would not turn on with any amount of fiddling. I opened it and found the battery, swelled, registered just a touch over 0v on the multimeter. This means it's dead and isn't coming back.

I attached a battery harvested from a helicopter. Now the headset works properly and I don't have to worry about the battery getting too low. It's just not so stylish any more.

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